Holistic massage treatments

30 to 60 Minutes biodecus@gmail.com Appointment

Lymphatic drainage (60 min)

An excellent alternative to body detox .This massage targets areas of the body that retains fluid (water retention)and helps circulation. It totally drains toxins from the body guiding it to nearest lymph nodes. The treatment lives you totally relaxed relieved and light.

Pregnancy Massage (60 min)

A wonderfully relaxing treatment for mums to be. It relieves tired feet and aching back, improved circulation,prevention of stretch marks and skin elasticity. A good time to put those feet up and have an enjoyable treat. Even baby will feel the benefit!

Back, shoulders and neck (45 min) €45 or full Body (60 min)

A traditional deep relaxing massage using aromatherapy oils or Chinese medicine that relieves all over tension and for a beautiful feeling of well-being.

Indian Head Massage (45 min)

Indian head massage is a truly holistic therapy that aims to balance the mind body and soul. Its benefits includes improved circulation, raised energy levels, increased concentration, lifts depression and dispels insomnia.

Reflexology (40 min)

Reflexology with Herbal Detox Ginger extract (60 min)

100% healing blends of botanicals – Ginger Extract & Epsom salt – act as a detoxifying agent & powerful circulation enhancer. Epsom salt can soak away toxins from your body which cause inflammation and body pain. Experience detoxing through your feet to rejuvenate legs & whole body!

  • Rapidly treat toxin & water retention that causes swelling
  • Decreases swollen veins & glands after inflammation
  • Boosts foot & whole body circulation for lymphatic health
  • Bringing a healthy balance back to your life after it has lost its centre due to illness, improved circulation, pain or wrong living.

Hot stone Massage (60 mins)

This timeless healing technique combines massage with the therapeutic benefits of heated basalt stones. This allows for deeper tissues and muscle penetration with the influences of heat relieving deep tension.

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Biodecus / Holistic massage treatments


Biodecus Health & Beauty is a beauty Salon and Skin Care Centre. We believe that through the treatments offered the client will have their self-esteem elevated and feel more confident. We have a great passion for consulting the clients on practical, daily beautifying regimes and recommending and applying transformative therapy.



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