Simple precautions but that make a big difference

Simple precautions but that make a big difference

I have seen a lot of people want a health skin, but they do not change their daily habits, I know all that is new in our routine takes a while to adapt, but when the results start to appear and very rewarding and stimulates to continue.

Some basic tips and that everyone can do at home;

  • When you start your day before your breakfast, take a glass of mineral water or coco nut water, I prefer  the coconut water, it will cause your body wake up and get the food in a better way, and begin moisturize your skin.
  • Eat a healthy diet;
  • Always use sun block;
  • Choose one mineral makeup because is more health for your skin;
  • Never sleep with makeup;
  • Dont get stress;
  • Practice  exercise;
  • Sleep well, eight hours is essential;
  • Use a good cream to moisturize and prevent premature aging, but be sure to clean and tone before;
  • Once a week exfoliate the skin to remove dead cells, the action of the moisturizer will be better effective;

Today I going to teach how do make  GREEN CLAY MASK, (my favorite):

Green clay leaves the skin softer, clean, clear, silky, and not need to leave home, to leave the beautiful skin like celebrities. Just prepare a homemade recipe.

Homemade clay mask:


  • 1 tablespoon of green clay powder, can find  in health food stores
  • Sufficient water to form a briefcase
  • If you have oily skin, add a drop of Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca Oil)

How do it:

Mix ingredients and apply on face with slight movements. Let stand for 30 minutes then wash then.

“The effect is super soothing to the face. And it can be done daily because clay does not damage the skin”



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