Fiber Diode Laser Hair Removal

15 to 60 Minutes Appointment

How  Fiber Diode Laser Works



The newest Fiber Diode Laser Hair Removal System with Gold standard Efficacy and Safety for all skin types. Fiber Diode Laser hair removal in general, works on the principle of selective photothermolysis, which means dark areas absorb light energy from the laser better than lighter ones. However, lasers do not inherently distinguish hair from skin, and the distinction is made by colour alone.

When the hair is darker than the surrounding skin, it absorbs the light energy (the skin doesn’t) This light energy turns into heat which destroys both the hair shaft and the follicle, while keeping the skin unharmed.

What’s special about the Fiber Diode Laser is that it has a longer wavelength than most other lasers, enabling the light to penetrate deeper into skin and reach the hair follicle. This makes it better at avoiding the melanin pigment in the skin and by doing so, causing less epidermal injury than other lasers. This makes it safer and gentler for use on darker skin tones.


What you can look forward to


The Fiber Diode Laser has a high success rate and provides a permanent solution for unwanted hair. It works well on any part of the body and is very effective for darker skin tones.

You can look forward to clean, smooth skin when your unwanted hair has been removed with a Fiber Diode Laser.

The Fiber Diode Laser treatment may cause minor discomfort, the feeling described often as a ‘rubber-band snap’ effect. The area around the treated hair follicle will be red and swollen, a sign that the follicle has responded to the treatment.


Patch Test

Patch test are carried out to determine the treatment paraments and to judge how your skin might react to a full treatment. A patch test is a small trial in an area with similar hair and skin to the treatment site and allows the practitioner to assess how

well the light energy is being absorbed and whether the skin responding as would be expected.


Clients are asked to make a note of any redness or swelling and how long it takes to reduce following the patch test, also whether or not the skin blisters or feels excessively hot and for how long.


Pre-Treatment Advice

The  area to be treated should be free from make-up, perfume, deodorant, body or face creams. Be careful when using spray deodorant prior to treatment.


Avoid waxing or plucking for one month prior to hair removal treatments. hair should be shaved prior to the treatment and be no longer than 1mm in length. Longer hair will need to be trimmed prior to the treatment, but as this does lengthen time, the cost may be adjusted accordingly.


It’s a precondition that there should be no active or fake tan in the area to be treated. Use of sunbeds or prolonged exposure to sunlight is not allowed in the month prior to the treatment and an SPF 25 must be used on the area between treatments. Suntan must be left to fade completely before the treatment can start. fake tans must also be fully faded before the treatment can commence.


A medical history is taken at consultation, but we rely on you to inform us of any changes to this. We need to know of medication you are taking including those bought from a chemist or herbalist.


Make sure that you arrive in good time for your appointment, this will allow us to pre-cool the skin if this should be required.


Post-Treatment Advice

In order to minimise skin heating and reduce the likelihood  of skin reactions, the treatment area will be cooled before,during and after the procedure, if applying an ice pack at home, always put ice inside a clean plastic bag and wrap in a soft cloth. Don’t allow ice packs or ice into direct contact with skin.


Following treatment the area may appear red and raised and you may experience a tingling sensation. This completely normal and should settle over the next few days.

Occasionally you may experience swelling or bruising and this can last anything from 1-2 days up to 1-2 weeks. If you experience swelling, it’s usually worse one to two days following the treatment


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