What is 3D HIFU?

3D HIFU (High Intensity Focussed Ultrasound) It was originally introduced for its use in treatment of cancer like in bladder , prostate ,kidney cancer, but since it did not prove to be as effective as surgical techniques, it lost its importance in treating cancer. 3D Hifu has created a benchmark in the field of non surgical face lift. It is an acoustic energy, known to propagate much deeper through tissue than laser or radio frequency (RF) energy, has been previously investigated for use in bulk heating for the treatments of solid organ tumors as mentioned above and is recently adapted for subcutaneous lipolysis.

3D HIFU (High Intensity Focussed Ultrasound) targets the entire face and neck, achieving brow lifting, jowl lifting, nasolabial fold (smile lines) reduction, periorbital wrinkle reduction and overall skin tightening and rejuvenation. The result is a naturally youthful appearance that retains full expression and movement. 

The intense ultrasound energy causes actual skin rejuvenation so you look and feel younger, with none of the downsides of injectables or surgery! We treat the entire face so you won’t look youthful in one area and ten years older in another!

How 3D HIFU works

The highly focused acoustic energy creates thermal coagulation zones at 3 different selected depths, following which a wound healing response results in the formation of new collagen thus providing a longer term tightening of the skin. There is no down time associated with this non-invasive procedure, unlike harsh chemical peels you won’t have to hide your face while it recovers. You will walk out looking completely, naturally, younger. 

What areas can be improved with 3D-HIFU?

This treatment is fantastic for overall skin tightening and rejuvenation with particularly good results in lifting the jowls, reducing “turkey neck”, and smoothing crows feet, smile lines and frown lines. 

We also use the treatment to tighten skin on the belly post childbirth or after significant weight loss. Similarly crepey skin on the arms can be treated.

Does Hifu Face Lifting Hurt?

It does not cause major discomfort. You may feel some discomfort, warm or heat sensations or even a slight pain that lasts for a few seconds and only during the pulsation cycle when the ultrasound energy is being applied. 

This discomfort or sometimes even pain is very brief and a good sign that collagen-building process has begun.The level of discomfort depends on the settings used, the area being treated, and the individual sensitivity. Around the eyes and over any bony prominence tend to be more intense. The neck region seems to be the area that tolerates the 3D HIFU treatment the best.

We can use a lower energy level and increased number of shots to achieve the desired results with much lower discomfort/pain level. The second factor related to pain/discomfort during 3D HIFU procedure is the type of skin being treated. People with thicker skin or more dense areas will tolerate 3D HIFU treatment very well. 

As with any heat-based cosmetic procedure, there are variable degrees of discomfort associated with 3D HIFU skin tightening. In our practice, pain is usually tolerable and none of our clients needed and pain killers or anxiolytics. 

How many treatments are recommended?

The number of sessions is decided by the bulk of adipose tissue, the extent of sagging skin and the desired result. 

A single treatment gives a long lasting result that will leave your skin in better condition for having had the treatment than not. Results last 4 months to 1 years after which the ageing process will take over. Unlike with many other treatments you will not experience a sudden “droop”. The results fade naturally as you age. 

3D HIFU has been able to deliver some very impressive results for our clients.  Results can often be seen immediately after treatment but most results start approximately 2 to 3 weeks after treatment, with most clients seeing full results 16 weeks post treatment. Some results continue to improve over 4 months. If you have a good skin care routine, you will have more results.

Results as the process of wound healing and collagen remodeling takes 2-3 weeks, the patient will see only 10% result in 1st month, another 10% in 2nd month and 80% result in 3rd month.

Post Procedure 

There may be post procedure redness which settles in about an hour.  It’s Recommend to avoid laughing, chewing too much for that day. 

keep the jaw stable that night and avoiding its movements to apply a crepe bandage around the face so that the movements are restricted. Will feel little soreness on the face for 2-3 weeks but it is normal and they should be counseled about it after the procedure.


HIFU is generally suitable for most people. It is also suitable for most skin types and textures, although there are some contraindications, which are listed below:

  •   Open facial wounds or lesions 
  •   Metal stents/implants in the face or neck (dental implants OK)
  •   People implanted with pacemakers or other similar electronic devices in vivo
  •   Serious heart disease
  •   Chemotherapy 
  •   Roaccutane treatment in the last year
  •   Taking any type of Steroid treatment
  •   Diabetes
  •   Hypothyroidism 
  •   Injections of Botox in last 3 months
  •   Did laser or IPL in one month
  •   Pregnant or breastfeeding woman
  •   Permanent dermal implants 
  •   Internal filler, if the face has gold implant, it is not recommended to do
  •   Anti-thrombosis therapy, being treated with blood thinning medications 
  •   Active systematic or skin disease which may hinder regeneration
  •   Hemorrhagic disorders or dysfunctions
  •   Surgical wound unhealed
  •   Severe cystic acne
  •   Person who with severe skin sagging and wrinkles.
  •   Too dry skin need to moisturizing 3 days before HIFU treatment
  •   Any Advanced Facial or peels in last 1 month 
  •   If the client has darker skin then they can feel the heat of the treatment more than a client with a lighter skin
  •   Unrealistic fantasy of the effect

How much does the treatment cost?

From €185 will depends which  area will be treated.

Before the treatment

  • Professional skincare products with ingredients such as AHA’s, retinol or any type of vitamin A or derivatives, should be avoided
  • Start take collagen supplement to achieve better result 
  • Anyone who has had a microdermabrasion, dermaplaning treatment, peeling,Any type advanced facial treatment,been in the sun or is planning to go into the sun should wait until the skin has had time to recover.
  • Medical history should always be taken into account, to make sure that there are no reasons why you shouldn’t carry out treatment. 
  • If the skin is too dry skin need to moisturizing 3 days before 3D HIFU treatment
  • Make sure you understand the potential benefits and risks associated with the procedure.


Let us mention that the aftercare procedure is extremely important part of the 3D HIFU treatment, as we want to avoid heat, sun damage and hyperpigmentation on the treated area.

The aftercare is the most importance after the 3D HIFU, to obtain the best

possible results from treatment. If any of the points are not adhered to then hyper pigmentation may occur.

  • There may be post procedure redness which settles in about an hour.  
  • It’s Recommend to avoid laughing, chewing too much for that day. 
  • keep the jaw stable that night and avoiding its movements to apply a crepe bandage around the face so that the movements are restricted. 
  • Maybe will feel little soreness on the face for 2-3 weeks but it is normal and they should be counseled about it after the procedure.
  • After HIFU treatment, use moisturizing facial mask every day in the first week, then two times a week in following time. 
  • In the first week, wash face with warm water, not too hot or too cold. 
  • No sauna, no Bikram Yoga, no strenuous exercise, no smoking and drinking alcohol in one week. 
  • Don’t to be exposed to the sun in the first month
  • An SPF 50 must be used on the treated area all times,
  • Avoid high-tech treatment items such as anti-aging, pigment removal 
  • Don’t eat dark color and spicy stimulation foods, eat more fruits and vegetables. 
  • A few people will appear slight redness on the skin after treatment, this is normal, please apply some aloe vera gel, the redness will disappear within 3-5 days. 
  • Keeping taking collagen supplement to help achieve the result
  • After 3D HIFU treatment any type injections Hyaluronic acid/Botulinum cannot be performed within 4 months
  • Cannot be performed any facial treatment within one month

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