Sugaring paste for hair removal is produced from 100% natural ingredients. SUGAR PASTE is made of sugar, water and lemon juice. Because of its completely NATURAL formula ( no added preservatives,additives,glue or color ), It has a gentle effect on the skin, and also it has adequate density, plasticity and elasticity for professional use, it has a pleasant aroma and its colour is amber-golden. The secret of sugaring paste unique formula is in the proportion of its ingredients. Sugaring paste does not contain any chemicals, glows, artificial colours or other harmful ingredients. The use of sugar paste is especially recommended for sensitive skin

For silky-smooth and velvet-soft skin

Sugaring paste for hair removal thins out the hair and makes it brighter, prevents ingrown hair and inflammation and is much less painful than wax.

Sugaring paste should be used at a regular body temperature. This prevents warming-up which makes it suitable for all types of skin. It does not stick to the skin. Also, it only removes dried and dead skin cells with gentle exfoliation which helps the skin. The feeling of pain is minimal since the paste sticks only to the hair and not to the skin, also making it possible to apply the paste to the same area several times without irritating the skin excessively.

Comeback to the natural beauty

Because of its ingredients  sugaring paste has the perfect plasticity and elasticity which makes it very convenient for use, it is eco-friendly and after use it can be disposed of as organic waste.

For a complete smooth pleasure

Unlike waxing with wax, sugaring paste does not stick to the skin and does not remove its protective layer; therefore the hair removing process is less uncomfortable and painful. Besides removing the hair, the sugaring paste has a gentle exfoliating effect and it removes old and dead skin cells, so the skin after hair removal with sugaring paste becomes brighter and silky-smooth. The sugar is a natural ally of the skin, thus the sugaring paste simultaneously cleans, sleeks, hydrates and regenerates the skin.

Take a new step!

The difference between depilation and epilation is in the way the hair removal is being done. It is proved that the hair removal with razor blades and tweezers strengthens the root of the hair due to the specific metal’s vibrations. While the depilation means the removal of a part of the hair (the single hair breaks or it is cut), epilation means the entire removal of hair jointly with its root. Exactly that is what the Egyptian hair removal does. The sugaring paste removes the hair’s root from its follicle slowing down the growth of hair.The results of hair removal with sugaring paste can last for six weeks. Sugaring paste removes even the smallest hairs as well as dead skin cells, making the skin silky-smooth and velvet-soft for longer periods.

Professional and effective hair removal

In order to effectively remove hair with sugaring paste their ideal length should be 3 to 6 mm. If the hair is longer, it is necessary to use more sugaring paste for its removal, therefore it is recommendable that, for additional savings, to trim the longer hairs. It is very important that the skin is dry and void of any grease. Before applying the sugaring paste it is recommended to take a shower to soften the skin and open the pores, which will additionally help to the removal of hair with strong roots. You can dry the skin with baby-powder (talc) so the skin is prepared for the applying of the sugaring paste. Wet and moist skin can affect the consistency of the sugaring paste and the hairs would not stick to it.

If necessary, sugaring paste should be prepared before applying it; that means it should be manually softened in order to adhere to the hair. It is important the sugaring paste is not too hard or very soft, because only its ideal consistency provides the best hair removal results.

Favourable for sensitive skin

Sugaring paste is very gentle and can be used without fear of irritation or capillary damage. It is suitable for people with varicose veins, it doesn’t cause redness or pimples and it has anti-inflammation and anti-allergic properties. It is recommended for use on the face and on the groin as well as for people with psoriasis and eczemas. However, slight redness may appear on those with sensitive skin, but such irritations will disappear within 10 to 15 minutes due to the relieving effect of aloe vera. This skin reaction is produced because of the sugaring exfoliation, but it fades away rapidly. Egyptian hair removal is ideal for people whose skin reacts unfavourably to the classic hair removal.

Get rid of ingrown hairs!

People with ingrown hair problems will be particularly thankful to Egyptian hair removal since it removes hairs without breaking it, in the direction it naturally grows, which completely eliminates the problem with ingrown hair. By removing hairs with sugaring paste, the hair never becomes ingrown hair.

Long-lasting beauty

For maintaining the skin’s beauty and smoothness and in order to slow down the growth of hair, it is necessary to repeat the Egyptian hair removal several times. Over time, due to the effect of natural sugars, the hair becomes softer and slack, and regular use of sugaring paste for hair removal can completely slow down or even stop the hair growth. If the hair is long, i.e. in the loss phase, in the follicle a new hair, which will replace the one before it, is already being created. Therefore, it is important to remove hair with sugaring paste at the growing phase because it will take more time for a new hair to be created and grow.

Hygiene as a key of health!

Although bacteria cannot survive within the sugaring paste, in contrast to wax, where they can reproduce, the sugaring paste is meant for a single use which has a significant influence on the treatment’s hygiene and the protection of your health. Also, our recommendation is to use gloves to achieve better protection, comfortable applying and beautician’s and client’s safety.

After the hair removal we recommend to apply Aloe Vera gel for redness and inflammation relief and the lotion to prevent ingrown hair.

Women know what they need, and so do men!

How to remove hair with sugaring paste?






The skin needs to be previously prepared for hair removal. The body needs to be dry and cleansed from any eventual grease. If the skin is moist and oily, the sugaring paste will not adhere to the unwanted hairs making the hair removal procedure more difficult and longer.

Ideal length of hairs for the hair removal should be 3 to 6 mm. Longer hairs on sensitive parts, like the groin, should be trimmed previously.

Avoid hair removal with sugaring paste

in humid and warm spaces like bathrooms.


For sugaring paste hair removal, the use of vinyl gloves for protection of the beautician and client is recommended. For the removal of hair from one leg around 45 g of sugaring paste will be necessary, while for one hand around 20 grams. Smaller quantities are used for the face and bikini area.

 Sugaring paste is envisaged for cold hair removal and it is not necessary to heat it before use. The ideal temperature of the sugaring paste is achieved by the body temperature when it is applied on the area from which the hair is removed. The process is performed on room temperature between 20 and 25 °C.


The sugaring paste should be applied equally and firmly on the skin, but without pressure, opposite of the direction in which the hairs grow while pulling the skin in the opposite direction with the other hand.

Doing that the sugaring paste penetrates deeper into the hair’s follicle. To remove the paste from the skin, removing at the same time the hair from its follicle, one should move by the tips of the fingers or one finger the paste to its end and then remove it by the swift and sudden move of the wrist in the direction of the hair growth and parallel to the surface of the skin.

This procedure can be repeated several times with the same strip of the sugaring paste, until the unwanted hair is removed or until the paste is filled with hair.

Phase 4: ALOE Vera GEL

After the hair removal we recommend to apply  Aloe Vera gel which has favourable effect on the skin and which is used to speed up the closing of follicles and to prevent possible inflammation on sensitive areas. Aloe Vera gel is recommended after the hair removal for redness relief in any area of the body, especially on the sensitive areas, if it was caused by the hair removal.

 Aloe Vera gel should be applied immediately after the hair removal with the tips of the fingers on dry and clean skin, equally with gentle circular moves until totally absorbed. It suits all types of skin.


The last important phase of the hair removal treatment is the complete skin protection with the Lotion for preventing ingrown hairs. Lotion for preventing ingrown hairs is recommended for skin softening and complete body care in order to prevent ingrown hair and inflammation, particularly on sensitive areas.

Lotion for preventing ingrown hairs should be applied with the tips of the fingers on dry and clean skin, equally with gentle circular moves until totally absorbed. It suits all kind of skin.


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